Early adopting, dedicated, loyal, engaged audience - that is what you get with podcasts, not the background noise that radio has become. Edison Research (March 2019) reported 70% year-on-year growth in podcasting for the past three years.  Advertising and hard-sell marketing have given way to storytelling and conversation. Every brand is now a broadcaster - it’s about delivering information and stories that people care about; that leave your consumers feeling more intelligent, inspired or entertained, and connected to a like-minded community.


Crucially, according to Spotify (May 2019), 81% of podcast listeners have taken action as a result of listening to audio ads heard in a podcast by 1. researching a product online 2. connecting with the brand on social media 3. talking about the brand to others.

Check out some of our case studies below, or see our entire podcast library here.

Blind History | Taylor Blinds




The Interchange | Absa




Howzit China




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